Suggestion: Meta Normalizer log to clipboard


I have two proposals for improving the “Loudness Meta Normalizer” function (which I use all the time):

  • Add an option for “Copy Log to Clipboard” as a complement/alternative to “Show log”
  • Enable ctrl/cmd-a and ctrl/cmd-c in the Log window if you chose to have that displayed

Currenly, if you want to copy the log info to for example Notes, you have to:

  • Apply normalisation
  • Right-click “Select all”, then right-click “Copy” in the log window that is displayed
  • and then paste to wherever you want it to be.

It would be so much easier to just have an option for it to be copied directly to clipboard without having to open the log window, and/or use key commands to select and copy the content if you decide to open the log window.


Good idea. In general, adding text info to the clipboard is easy and can be better for some workflows.