[SUGGESTION] Multiple Staff Pasting

I do a lot of large ensemble writing, mostly concert band. (Don’t look down your noses at me, you orchestral guys!)

As a result, I often vertically select, say, the first note in each of 8 or 10 staves, and I’d like to be able to paste various things (most often a dynamic) into all of them in one move. Right now, that doesn’t work—only the top selected staff gets the pasted dynamic. The obvious result is having to put the dynamic into each staff individually, either by Alt/Opt-click or select/paste, select/paste, etc.

A related issue is being able to select/filter, say, the dynamics in a large vertical selection of staves. That way, when I decide that forte really needs to be a mezzoforte, there’s a way to grab them all at once and delete them.

Those are big time-wasters for me, when you can get to them.


Yes, we definitely plan to add multi-paste just as soon as we can.