Suggestion needed: how to make a "band presentation" section with variable lenght before song finale


I need help. We play a show with backing tracks and clik for every song. My idea is to set up in the last song a part in infinite loop (flexloop) for band presentation, likely a 8 bar loop also with backing tracks and clik. Is there a way to assign a command to a midi pad for the drummer to exit the loop and continue the song AT THE PART END not at the bar end, this way the hit on the pad could happen anytime during the last wanted loop playback?

Also, we usually record in multitrack our show, everybody has a stack and record traks enabled, waht happens with flexloop activated while recording is active?

Regards Ciro.


Ok so i tried a few things.

Normal LOOP (no flex), the loop works, then i have a shortcut for “Transport:loop toggle”. This disable the loop but, unexpectedly, when transport reach loop end, it repeat one more time the loop before moving forward (so i should disable loop one repeat before, but i don’t always know one entire loop earlier … it sould work as when I disable loop it should immediatly move forward out of loop! (Anyway, i would’nt use a loop toggle live on show, the risk of double presses thus reactivating the loop is high, i prefer the flexloop solution and a way to tell VSTL to exit the loop at loop end…)

FLEXLOOP: Set flexloop to infinite, then i tried the shortcut for toggle loop, but it won’t work, flexloop remain active (Developers: when flexloop is ON this could be repurposed to exit current loop at the end of the loop?!?). Then I tried next part, and as expected it exit the loop and go to next part but at the BAR end, not at the loop end, so to obtain what i’m looking for, i need to fire next part exactly during the last bar of the loop (inconvenient).

As for the recording while looping, i tried: it records all the loops, but when recording stops it places the event linearly. It cuts the event where you stopped the recording, but if you expand the event on the right you’ll have all the recording placed linearly, so off sync by the number of looped bars.

Let’s see if we could find a way to have proper loop exit shortcut and it’ll be fine, as for the recording… just a matter of cut and paste after the show :smiley:

Ciao! Ciro.

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… an Action “Select Last Part” should help you. But that one is missing. Give us a bit and we’ll add it.

Thank you for the hint. We’ll improve the workflow.


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