Suggestion on how to improve CB3 performance

So… CB3 has more features which probably demanding more HP from your IOS device. I want to suggest to the developers team a strategy to greatly improve performance:
Use Divide and Conquer strategy as follows:

  1. For each track add a freeze button, once pressed the track will be flattened. All the track will be converted to audio (low quality for performance and sketching or high quality for final production), once in this mode all plugins/AUV3 etc will be unloaded from memory and only be kept as meta data. Only if the freeze mode will be cancelled the meta data will be used to load plugins again. The musician will manage which track are on focus and should be live, and which should be freezed as draft (low quality audio) or as finalized high quality audio. The conversion of each track can take some time but once done the entire workflow will be quicker and bug free.

Hi Eliad,

What is wrong with the existing Track Freeze option?


Does it unload all plugins from memory?
My suggestion is to make the track as audio file instead of midi + effects which uses a lot of ram. The user can still mix and hear the sound from the wave audio portion without using ram and only focus on each track at a time when perfecting it while still be able to hear all other tracks.
Ipads/iphones are low on ram so giving the user an option to choose which track is use ram based on current track under adjustment and the rest of tracks on wave mode whhich does not takes ram is good option.

As we know that CB3 has more features which probably demanding more HP from your IOS device. So I must suggest you to make your phone upgrade because more ram gives you the best experience indeed.