Suggestion on Selection tool

Currently - unless I miss something - the Selection tool defines the selection plainly geometrically - i.e. by drawing a rectangle.
While geometry-based selection works perfectly fine in bitmap-based view, geometry does not always go along with the flow of content. For example, (again, unless I’m missing something), it’s impossible to make a ‘drag’ selection that starts in the middle of one system and ends somewhere in the next system - the portion of the second system is not included in the selection rectangle.
Yes, I’m aware that I can select one object and shift-click another one and most of the content in between two points will be selected. Most, but not all. For example, changes in time signatures won’t be included.
So, it seems to me that it would be more intuitive and convenient, if ‘drag’ selection would work as it does in word-editing programs, i.e. following the flow of the content rather than plain rectangle.

You might use galley view ?

Thank you. That’s why I said 'unless I miss something.
But still, I believe that semantically meaningful ‘drag’ selection would be a nice option.