Suggestion: Popup Key Commands


I’ve noticed that some key commands appear when you hover over a tool (left or right hand side) and other don’t. If a tool has a key command there should be consistency with those hovering shortcuts. Is there a reason for choosing some and leaving out others?


Popup Shortcut.png
Popup No Shortcut.png

I’ve wondered about this too. There are many places where it doesn’t show the command when you hover (of which I mean the standard commands, not custom commands for which Dorico should not be held responsible although that would be lovely too.)

The apparent inconsistency is due to the fact that the buttons only show tool tips if they are actually mapped to the same function. Clicking the rehearsal mark button in the right-hand toolbox really is the same as typing Shift+A, but clicking the holds and pauses button is not the same as Shift+H; Shift+H is the equivalent of choosing Write > Create Hold or Pause from the menus, while clicking on the button is the same as choosing Write > Panels > Holds and Pauses. These are not equivalent commands: the former activates the popover, the latter simply shows the relevant panel.

Ah, I get it. There must be a way to keep expanding on this to make the program easier to learn. Floating key commands are the quickest/best way I learned the most important features in Dorico, and any other program that has them. If a function has a key command it could benefit the users if it’s in the floating description (what’s the proper term for this?).

The “floating description” is called a tool tip. I would recommend that you take a look through the menus as well as hover over the buttons in the UI if you want to learn the key commands, as they’re shown in there, too. Also, try Help > Key Commands.

Just noticed the articulation could have their shortcuts on the tool tip.

Yes, we’ll take care of this in future (not in Dorico 1.1, which is already done).