Suggestion: profile manager for easy importing/exporting of custom configurations

I just had to recreate my WL configuration on a different machine which involved some light “hacking,” i.e., playing with folders in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.

As I was doing this I was thinking to myself WaveLab would really benefit from something like a profile manager for saving and opening users’ configurations in one consolidated step.

Has such a feature been requested or considered for implementation?

I’ve mentioned this before too. Basically, the way REAPER lets you export or import and entire configuration is brilliant and I’m surprised more apps (even non audio apps) don’t make it that easy.

Cubase 9 has it, too. I used it and liked it very much.

WaveLab has support for multi user profile. Please double check File > Preferences > Global > General tab

I still don’t see a neat way to export a user profile for archiving or transferring to a different machine. Am I missing something?

I still don’t see a neat way to export a user profile for archiving or transferring to a different machine. Am I missing something?

If this you what you are looking for, simply click here:

Then do a Copy / Paste of the folder, that contains all WaveLab preferences.


Great stuff, very helpful!

I still think copying folders and finding the right file path in the destination system tree is a bit on the techy side of things. From a user point of view, it would be helpful to consolidate those steps into a simple procedure of exporting and importing a single settings file.

On this note - I think a complete export of ALL settings (for use in a re-install situation for example) needs to be a priority. Any suggestions of having to go out into %APPDATA% or any other hidden folder on a typical Windows install to copy “entire” directories etc - is pointless as this is almost always a recipe for failure.

The day comes for everyone in here at some point where a new machine is procured and a fresh install of WL is part of the equation. To be able to set up the program via the installer and then have an Import->Settings command - where WL picks up (or asks about) ALL settings from the previous install would be ideal.

This app has so many tentacles and non-standard conventions that being able to quickly restore a new install to a working state would really help shield the less technical users from the hassles of getting a working install.

I consider myself to be super technical and I still can not replicate an old install to a new one without having to tweak 20 or 30 things for a week after install.


I agree. A simple and straightforward way to export your entire configuration down to each last detail is needed. This way you can keep your secondary/mobile rig up to date with your main rig. If you get a new computer or decide to do a fresh software reinstall, you could then ideally be back up and running in WaveLab in very little time.

I make an export of my REAPER configuration a few times a week as things tend to evolve and scripts get updated. I put it on Dropbox as a backup and if I find myself working on my laptop, in a matter of seconds I can import that configuration and be right where I left off on the main machine.

I’m not familiar with the Cubase method but REAPER really did a great of making it possible to export and import entire configurations.

It allows saving a complete set of user customizations in a single SRF file. It also allows storing several profiles in its profile manager for quick switching between multiple configurations.