Suggestion regarding slur placement

I really appreciate Dorico’s mission of trying to provide configurable, high-quality automation to as many engraving decisions as possible. On that note, here’s one case regarding slur placement, where I haven’t been able to automate my personal preferences using the currently available settings.

Here’s a music example engraved using Dorico’s default settings:

In the first note of bar 1, second note of bar 2, and first note of bar 3 Dorico has attached the slur to the stem. I would prefer that all three would be attached to the noteheads instead. It should be possible, since there are no upstems that the slur needs to avoid.

I tried to play with “Engraving Options / Slurs / Stem Side / Vertical offset from end of stem”, but this doesn’t quite have the effect I’m looking for. If I choose a value that “fixes” the bars 1, 2, and 3, then I don’t like what it does to bars 5 and 6:

In comparison, I’m happy with the default slurs from Lilypond, so this preference should at least be possible to automate:

I understand that this is not as high-priority stuff as many other things you have on your plate, but when the time is right to tweak slur-placement rules, perhaps you could consider this as well.

I would also experiment with the settings under Slurs/Avoiding Collisions/Balance… :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with your assessment of Dorico’s default placement for slurs in these sorts of situations involving opposing stem directions, and we have this on our backlog to address in future.