Suggestion - reordering tracks in mixer by click+drag

In the main project window I like to have all my tracks (MIDI, AUDIO) organized according to type; drums are all together, instruments are below, and sound effects and other stuff towards the bottom. I further organize everything into folders to make finding groups of similar instruments easier on the screen.

It is my understanding that while you can simply click and drag tracks into the order you want in the project window, you cannot do the same from the mixer window.

Adding the ability to reorder tracks in the mixer by clicking and dragging channels into the order you want would be a feature worthy of song!

Agree with you!

As far as i’m aware when you alter the track layout in the project window, it is replicated in the mixer window. This has been the case since CB5, although it doesn’t seem to work all the time. Sometimes previous version projects won’t respond in the same way.

Strange but true…

Yes, true enough. However, I would like to see the ability to rearrange tracks from within the mixer itself, without having to do this in the project window. My projects start out quite organized, however after a few hours of adding and removing VSTi tracks, things start to get quite messy. I end up having to hunt for tracks in the main project window in order to rearrange them. This is inefficient when you are working with dozens of tracks, automation, MIDI and audio events.

Being able to rearrange tracks via dragging from within the mixer window would make organizing the project a lot quicker, and make mixing easier.



It’s a reasonable request, IMO, and one I’ve thought of over the years. There can be solid reasons why your track order in the Project Window might be different from your mixer setup, especially ease of editing multiple parts

I agree, but would extend it to the point where the project window and mixer can be made completely independent of each other, so we can re-order in the project window according to taste, and have a completely different setup in the mixer. Lots of other DAWs do it this way. Making a switch to turn this on or off would appease those who don’t agree with the idea.


Enough said, i like this idea!!!

+1 :smiley:

I agree… this is a great idea!


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Yes, even better!

A note on organization of tracks:

Cubase groups VSTi channels into a separate section in the project window, and if you add a midi track to trigger that channel, where is the best spot for it? Quite honestly, I still haven’t been able to find the best solution for this. If you drag the VSTi channel beside your MIDI event track, this makes finding/editing things easier. (If, for example, you have to do volume automation on the last quarter notes of a MIDI event at bar 18 of string track, it’s easier if the MIDI track is right next to the volume automation pane of the VSTi channel). However, if you delete the MIDI track down the road, and forget to move the VSTi pane, you are then left with a VST instument channel floating around your project window, lost among 40 other tracks.

I can live with the clutter of the project window (which can be overcome with some patience, and remembering to clean things up as you go). The mixer however, is the one area in which I don’t want to have any mess, because this is where I see the entire mix as a whole. I don’t want to have to go back to the project window and rearrange things (which are already messy) in order to get the desirable arrangement in the mixer.

In earlier versions of Cubase, you couldn’t rearrange the order of insert plugins in the mixer by clicking and dragging them to different slots. When this feature became available, I laughed out loud and said “NICE!” Such a simple feature, but oh so great because it adds flexibility, enhances user control, and saves time.

Please make this concept work for entire tracks in the mixer, Stainberg.

This would be great!..we also need more mixers…3 isn’t enough for me. I would like to have one for vocals, one for fx channels, one for group channels, one for drums, one for guitars, and several more!

Not to beat the proverbial dead horse but wouldn’t it be easier to be able to just screen one mixer and switch between your groups, guitars, drums etc as you need them?

I tend to believe that improvements to the “show/hide” system would solve that problem… being able to hide everything but drums and save that, and the same for other random groups that mix track classes. It’s pretty common these days.

Anyway, good suggestions in this thread.

Yes I’d like Cubase to improve as a mixing tool towards what can be done with Protools. Please Steinberg, work on improving Cubase’s mixing capabilities.

+1 for independent mixer/project view of tracks.