Suggestion: Repeat (parts of) prev bar while in input/carrot mode

Because it’s so common that a bar repeats or almost repeats, it would be nice to be able to - without leaving input/carrot mode - repeat the previous bar content, for exmample using Ctrl + R key command.

This could be “smart” in that sense that it copies the previous bar content up to the current position of the carrot:
Example: If i place the carrot on the third quarter note position, it only copies the previous bar content up to the third quaver etc.

Best! / Jonas

Thanks for the suggestion, which we’ll certainly consider for the future.


[Einfügemarke] segno di omissione = caret
carrot = :carrot: la carota [Mohrrübe]


Thanks! :slight_smile: Saw a lot of “carrots” here in the forum, and it’s quite carrot-like with the orange color, isn’t it…? :slight_smile:

you are quite right :slight_smile:
The administrators must have a lot of fun here, I guess that is why they work at all hours…