Suggestion: reset chord-mode

If I could make a suggestion: it would be great to have a user-preference that chord-input mode is switched off each time when leaving/escaping note-input. Currently it is kept switched on for ever, leading to very frequent annoying mistakes, particularly when copying music (and your eye is not glued to the screen).


I don’t think this is a good idea, because chord mode (and indeed other tools in the toolbox like insert mode) is operable both during step-time input and when editing, so it makes sense for the state to be preserved.

But grace notes, tuplets, lock-mode DO switch off if you hit escape. To be honest, I never use insert-mode or rest-mode (maybe in part because of this), but chord-mode is pretty much unavoidable. Actually, I find working with chords in edit-mode also pretty fiddly (often the wrong note duration is switched on, etc) so I prefer to use the add-interval command.

Anyway, all I can do here is report that "accidentally being in chord mode’ is one of the main frustrations I have in Dorico. But for the avoidance of doubt: I love Dorico 3!