Suggestion… right click

Hi… i am newbie with Dorico and appreciate a lot of features… i just regret that Dorico not includes classic right clic help to, for example, give and edit all parameters of the selected event. I know a lot of users only use keyboards with shortcuts but when we use a lot of different software, it is impossible to remember shortcuts for all, and we prefer to use mouse… it becomes natural to right click on an event to obtain and edit all parameters… for a note, it could be interesting to have this feature to edit length, voice, velocity, value… ) .I hope to don’t be alone to wish this feature !

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Hi Wills01 and welcome to the forum!
Right-click is already a very useful move with Dorico, as it opens the context menu whenever you’re working on the notation (and gives access to everything you really need there), or changing stuff in the players or layouts in setup mode… So I suppose you mean you’d like this to expand to other areas of the software, such as the key editor (which is rather recent in Dorico’s history)? I think it’s a very good idea and a valid feature request. Have I understood this right?

The idiom Dorico uses for editing parameters of selected items in the music is that (almost) everything can be edited in the Properties panel, which is shown in the lower zone in Write and Engrave modes. I don’t think it would be practical to expose the things that are currently edited in the Properties panel in the right-click context menu.