[Suggestion] Single key enharmonic respelling

I like Dorico’s functionality to respell enharmonic upwards or downwards. However, at the same time, I am missing Sibelius’ single key enharmonic respelling, which did the job 90% of the time. Why wouldn’t you add and improve this single key enharmonic respelling function? I would suggest, to improve it, that it returns, successively, each enharmonic up to double-flat/sharp, each time you press the key (i.e. C -> B# -> Dbb -> C -> B#, etc… or Gb -> F# -> Gb, etc… or D -> C## -> Ebb -> D, etc…), which would cover almost 100% cases with an unique function (and 90% with one unique key press). Respelling to a higher level is, I’m afraid, useless. Having access to those hypothetic triple flats/sharps in the menu should be sufficient!

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Thanks AlexM

You can use [Alt+] and [Alt-] to enharmonically respell