Suggestion: The cursor is poorly placed when a marker is called

Please check the explanation video here: Cubase 11 Suggestion: The cursor was poorly placed when a marker is called. - YouTube

It doesn’t make sense to put the cursor at the very end of the window in any imaginable scenarios. “Markers” are used for marking locations that we want to visit often. Such as; when we stack 6 vocal lines, we usually place a marker at “the beginning” of the phrase. And I want to check what’s going on (timing, pitch) of the “whole” phrase without pressing +/- to adjust the view.

When we check important parts of the project, we don’t want the screen to scroll at all, and that’s why we bought large monitors.

Please fix if that’s not too much to ask for. Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum!
The workaround is to turn off autoscroll (F key). This will prevent Cubase from changing the window view. In the future, please try to use fewer words to describe the problem you’re having. I created a feature-request for you. You can read it by clicking here.

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Thank you very much. I was trying to explain in details to make sure it is clear enough, pardon my English. I will try to make my future posts concise.

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