Suggestion to reduce the number of clicks...

It would be wonderful if, when adding an instrument of FX channel, the plug-in field was already selected for you so you could started typing the name of the plug-in/instrument you want to load. As it stands at the moment, as soon as you create a channel the first thing you must do is click on the plug-in field. Unnecessary clicking!

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This would be so much more convenient! I have a key command set up for adding a new Instrument Track (I) but I hate having to click in that little box every time…


I use my AI module to insert an instrument track (actually, you can use any CMC module, but with AI you don’t have to hit the SHIFT key to access the programmable buttons.) I just press one of the programmable buttons and add an instrument track, but then I still have to select the instrument with the mouse. And yeah, that could be much improved if I could, for example, select the instrument with the AI wheel and then click (on the wheel) when I reach the one I need.

You can press tab which changes the focus of the window to the instrument/fx field where you can use the arrow keys to navigate further and then press enter to load the plugin.

It’s still not perfect but you can do what you want without using the mouse!

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Good idea…

…and this is a great tip…

…Is there a way to programme the AI module to replicate the TAB command?


+1 good idea. I’m all for less clicks

Unfortunately no. The programmable buttons of the AI can only be assigned to a list of functions (rather extensive though) but not to keystrokes.

This does not work on the Mac version currently.

I’ve had to program a macro app like Keyboard Maestro to watch for the window and click on the instrument selector when the window appears. This isn’t the only workflow killer in Cubase I’ve had to work around in such a manner…

That is interesting as it is definitely working with Nuendo 6.06 on a mac running 10.8.5 as well as the Windows 7 system you saw in my signature. People should try it and see if it’s working for them I guess.

Confirmed. This does not work on Mac. It is only possible to tab between Browse, Cancel and Add Track.

Oh, now I’m with you! I thought you were referring to the window where you choose which instrument or effect you wish to use, not the one you get after choosing Add FX Channel or Add Instrument from the Project menu.

In which case, you are absolutely right and I wish we didn’t have to click on that instrument, (or effect) box in order to call up that window where you actually do the choosing itself (the one to which I was referring). It seems daft to me as well.

I will revise my earlier posts to this: