Suggestion: VCA/Fader Link integration between plugin and DAW

I think it could be useful in some scenarios to be able to activate some sort of linking or VCA integration between a VSTis output channels, ie.

It would mostly be utilized in VSTi’s that have an internal mixer. The benefit would be, that in a VSTi instrument in which I’ve mixed the faders (multiple layers of a drum instrument bused to individual outputs to be mixed in Cubase mixer) and happy with how it sounds. How it sounds and how that internal plugin mix is set, may be %90 of what is making this a distinguishable instrument.

I save it as a preset, and later on, load it into a new project.

All those internal mix faders were saved with that preset. Wouldn’t it be useful though, is if those fader levels were reflected to the VSTis channel output faders in Cubase mixer when I load an instrument track?

The other benefit to this, is, it’s proper gain staging.

If I have the internal plugin mixer faders set at a variety of levels, say, 0db, -12db, -18db, -24db… It wouldn’t be ideal to mix those levels with 0db faders in Cubase mixer. I’d much rather just the Cubase faders load in as mirrored faders of what is internal in the plugin.


I would like to see some output -> Cubase Channel naming protocol as well. ie, if I were to renaming internal outputs on a plugins internal mixer, they show up as so in the Cubase/DAW output channels track name.

Would this be possible? I don’t mean right now, just hypothetically, would this be possible to code between VST code and Cubase/3rd party DAWS?