Suggestion/workaround needed: Mid-Staff Condensing Changes

Hi everyone!
A thing I’ve been missing for a while, is the possibility to change the staff of an instrument mid-system. I saw this in several Hal Leonard scores, where e.g. Trumpet 1+2 play unison and Trumpet 3 plays a different pattern. In the middle of the system, Trumpet 2 changes to the Trumpet 3 pattern, so from there on. A line signals this movement. I find that very convenient.

In the following example (from a Hal Leonard score) there is no actual 3rd Trumpet notated, but I hope it gives you a picture of it.

My only idea how to achieve this in Dorico at the moment would be, to create a second file. Maybe someone’s got a better idea. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :blush:

You could do the following: just before printing, in Gallery mode delete the Trumpet 2 for just that measure. Remove the Bar Rest. Go to Page View, enable condensing, and add the a2 marking. Restore the Trumpet 2 part before printing their part. Or, as you say do all this to a 2nd duplicate copy of the full score named “Printing Full Score”.

I don’t understand this statement. It is clear that the Trumpet 2 joins Trumpet 3 and they play the rhythmic pattern unison a2.

That was unclear, sorry. It’s a picture from a Hal Leonard score I saw this the first time to make clear, what I want to achieve.

@musicmaven1 : Thank you, that’s what I plan to do for the moment. As long as it’s only one passage in the piece, that’s quiet easy to achieve! :slight_smile: