Suggestion - '|::|'

There’s one additional popover I’ve love if it was possible. It’d be great to be able to select a number of bars, hit Shift+B, then type ‘|::|’ (without the quotes) to put a repeat at both ends of the selection. Given that the opposite :|: is possible, it feels like this would be a little quicker and smoother to make a whole section repeat.


If I’m not mistaken, you can already select the needed bars and then add a repeat to the beginning, and Dorico will be smart enough to put one at the end also… :wink:

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Yes exactly - see the tip in step 1 and the explanation in the result:


Ah, I didn’t know that one. That’s microscopically quicker still! Thanks

The Dorico Helper is now wonderfull for all users, Pro, Elements and SE. Thanks