Suggestions for best Cubase video training courses

I would appreciate suggestions for the best video training courses available … intermediate to advanced.

I personally liked the ones at MacProvideo.

Just because they have Mac in their name, doesn’t mean they don’t tailor the courses to both PC and Mac (I’m a Windows user)

I subscribe monthly and it costs $25 a month which is about £17 a month for me (or less if you subscribe yearly)

For that money you get full access to all their courses whether native instruments, one of the many DAWs like Cubase, or even things like adobe photoshop.

They have a few free examples of parts of their courses.

If your into synths and creating your own sounds, their foundation of synthesis under their Moog section is superb.

They also have a section on studio and recording techniques that I haven’t got round to watching yet.

They have recently taken over another company so for things like Cubase 6.5, you have a choice of two completely different courses
If you want to pay.

Another solution - make the operation manual your best fried for three months, if there is something in it you dont understand utube it (there are tons of Cubase tutorials there) and make experimental projects using what you learn. Hands on brings muscle memory

Also here

Depends on what you want to learn. As mentioned above, there is much to pick up on Youtube. Finding what you need there can however be a hazzle. Many of the videos there are also made by people that does not fully understand all the features of a program or a function within a program. Thus does not show you the “best way” of operating a program. So you might think you have learned it all, but later find out it only showed you 20% of the full potential of a special feature.

The also the above mentioned MacProvVideo offers several tuts. I would range the tuts on MacProVideo from poor to very good, depending on which program you would like to learn ( I have several of them on both audio and design).

I do however think the best tutorial company is Groove3 and especially those tuts of Eli Krantzberg. So if you are looking to improve your mixing or mastering skills. Want to understand compression, EQ or reverb or even some special VST instruments, you should look towards Groove 3.

If you on the other hand are looking for tutorials on Cubase 7only, then the “Moving forward with Cubase 7” from MacProVideo is good as a starter. SWA (Steamworks audio) has one on CB7 that goes a little deeper. I would also suggest the “Cubase 6 tips and tricks” from MacProVideo, even if it is on CB 6 and not 7 (CB6 and 7 share much of the same functions). The “Moving fwd” tutorial is best if you know a little about CB already, so perhaps you could look into tutorials on CB6 as well if you are new to CB. MacProVideo also have a new tutorial coming up called “CB7 Songwriters toolbox”. I would guess that is fully explores the new cordtrack functions of CB7. Digital Music Doctor also has tuts on CB, including 7, but I think they are quite bad. It is like reading the manual for you and not showing you HOW the feature is utilized.

Also remember that Steinberg has made tuts on CB7 thats comes with the program, and that there is much to learn from watching tuts on other DAWs as well. I have learned much from watching tuts that uses ProTools or Logic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Groove 3 has a Cubase 7 imminent.

I think the above is spot on.

Groove3 is an incredible resource. Once a year (nov and dec), they sell an all access yearly pass for $99. Incredible deal. I think they have some promotion going now.

Eli Krantzberg at Groove3 is the best tutorial maker out there IMHO. His stuff is always effective. If Groove3 is doing a C7 video, I hope Eli is doing them.

That said, a close second as far as general tutorial effectiveness is the guy doing the Cubase tutorials at MacProVideo. His Cubase videos are very well put together. It is worthwhile checking out his C6 videos as well as his new C7 overview (and his tips and tricks video).

The SWA Cubase 7 video is surprisingly good, and assumes you know the basics (so goes a bit deeper).

Many thanks for the suggestions.

My top need is to get beyond using Cubase as just as digital porta-studio … e.g. recording, applying a bit of compression & reverb and rendering.

In particular I always play live without the click track, and hence my tempo suffers … and its difficult to add other synchronised midi stuff … never tried comping … or manipulating tempos … or creating harmonies. Want to use it more as a composition tool.

Had a look at the YouTube channel and went through most of the ones that interest me the most this morning. Very good … but looking for something broader and deeper, and will watch them again. Time Warp is a revelation … and a god send for someone as ‘rhythmically challenged’ as I am.

I think the monthly unlimited subscription from Groove 3 looks good, and since so many of you have good things to say about the company I’ll try that for a month a least. The MacProVideos look a bit dated at first glance … maybe I’ll try them next month.

Thanks for the quick responses.

The December & January issues of Sound on Sound have a pair of articles going over this in depth.

The Groove3 and MacProVideo ones are decent, but very “let’s show you the manual” style IMO. I prefer the ones that show you how to use the program in a practical, applied sense - like “Here’s how we mixed a song using Cubase” or “Here’s how we produced a beat using Cubase”, etc. PureMix has one with mixing a song with Cubase. Unfortunately, not too many others I’ve come across - there are way more for Pro Tools, Logic, and Live.

On groove3 there’re some videos about mixing. They are not Cubase specific but mixing does not depend on the DAW you use…

I think that’s an excellent point. I would add whatever video series you watch, and however good you are at knowing what’s in the manual - if you not making music as you learn, the knowledge is somehow ‘seperate’

Here is a guy showing how simple it is… (ignore the title)

by contrast here is another approach that teaches no music, just buttons
( I know that most have not got the Novation, but thats not my point, I am just trying to distinguish between the ‘button approach’ and the ‘music approach’.

The MacProVideo stuff covers this in the C6 and tips and tricks videos I believe. The course outlines are on line.

I kind of like the ‘button approach’ personally. Lets me apply basic knowledge to my own contexts. Some of the songs in the “let’s build a song” approach are hard to take. :slight_smile:

The SWA videos are definitely “here’s the button and here’s what it does”. MPV and G3 usually have a musical scenario for each lesson, or build a simple song through several lessons.

Yes, that’s very true. I watched mixing videos in PT before I had PT, but the tricks were applicable in any DAW. However, nowadays, most DAWs do the same basic things, so it is all about workflow. That is why it is useful to watch somebody actually doing something practical (recording, beat making, mixing) in the DAW you want to use (especially if you’re coming from other DAWs), so you can assess the workflow differences. Wish there was more of that for Cubase. I know as a new user, I’m trying to do things I do in Logic and PT and S1, but I’m sure there’s just a different way to do those in Cubase (that may even be more efficient or effective).

Groove 3 has a new Cubase 7 Tips and Tricks vid,going for half off -$15. I just watched a sample and bought it. I purchased 8 of their vids during the Nov sale. Lots of stuff I knew but good info in each one I’ve watched so far. This is also the best thing in the world for knocking out45min on a rowing machine or elliptical at the gym…

Nice to see Groove3 getting some Cubase 7 videos out, but I found that particular one pretty poor. Very basic information and the instructor is very long-winded.

Gotta agree. Tips and tricks usually means “uncommon stuff”. Not the case here.

It is long winded and not the best I’ve seen from Groove 3. I’m certainly glad I got it for $15. I have found a lot of useful info however and ,in my case, it helps to hear the things I already know repeated.