Suggestions for export Audio Mixdown alternatives???

Hey guys,

I’m looking for an alternative solution for the export of a Mixdown in my Cubase Project. Reason for this is because I need to use the arranger track to keep the order of my composition but I don’t want to flatten my tracks to accomplish that.

I am using Melodyne to perform minor adjustments like fine tuning vocals and etc and once I’ve completed that; the edited content is retained in Melodyne; not the DAW. So if I flatten the tracks the edited content will not align properly within the flattened track.

An alternative to that would be to record the edited content within Melodyne to individual tracks but there is some degradation of the audio content when I do that so I’m sacrificing the audio quality for the sake of being able to flatten the track.

What I’d prefer is to have all the audio content (the mix down) routed from Cubase to maybe another third party program that would have the similar options that are available within Cubase export feature. (sample rate, audio format and etc) and have it written to the disk for mastering.

That way I would be able to leverage the arranger track with as many versions of the mix as required without having to flatten the track.

Anybody got any suggestions? I’d love to hear them

Create a new audio track - route the output to no buss; route the input to stereo out and record on to that track. The audio file will be in your audio folder.

Hey, thanks for the feedback Manike! I’ve actually both considered and tried that option and it does work. But I hear a slight degradation in the audio quality when I use that method.

I know it’s all digital but there seems to still be some degradation when audio source material is re-recorded using the prior recording. Much like things in the analog world. Every time you’d dub material from a dub; some quality and integrity of the original sound was lost.

I’ve opened a support ticket with Celemony to see if they have any suggestions as well. There has been some speculation that there may be ARA support enabled in Cubase 10 at some point; and I’m wondering if ARA would alleviate the issue altogether since its the required transfer of the Audio to Melodyne that is stemming the issue. :question: :question: :question:

So no idea of how many other users here are using Melodyne within Cubase with Arranger Tracks; but figured I’d pass this information along that I just received direct from Celemony support. Maybe it will help you as well. Can’t provide the full statement as it would be a violation of their policies so here’s the excerpt.

What you describe are limitations of the plug-in protocol. You can’t move a region with Melodyne in the DAW, since the DAW won’t tell Melodyne the new position. Therefore flattening/bouncing/freezing is the way to go.
…the ARA protocoll will overcome this limitation…

So it appears as though ARA is the answer as I’d hoped. I haven’t tried freezing the Melodyne track prior to flattening the arrangement as support has advised so I’ll try that this evening.

In the meantime, I guess the initial question of having suggestions for alternative export / mixdown solutions is rather pointless now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be getting a degradation in audio quality - should be exactly the same.

If you’re running your channels or buss to hot - past 0db you might be getting audible clipping.

You could use your unflattened Project for the main work but on occasion do a Save As to create a copy as needed and flatten that. Combined with Import Track from Project you can use the best of both worlds.