Suggestions for future version

As a long time Cubasis/Cubase user I’d like to suggest the following simple features that would make the app more usable (at least for me):

  1. On startup don’t load the last project, present a dialog for me to choose which project to load.
  • My reasoning is that Cubasis requires a lot of RAM and loading a project can use all that up. If I then want to load another project I sometimes have to restart my iPad, load Cubasis etc etc. Inspiration has gone by this time…
  1. Don’t let me interact with Cubasis until the project has completely loaded, including IAA effects/instruments. Cubasis shows an error when the loading of an instrument fails so it seems like the ability is there to know when all instruments/effects have finished loading.

  2. A stereo delay

  3. Program and bank change in the channel strip for IAA instruments. I realise I can do this using automation and midi controllers but that is very cumbersome (It’s very hard to select program 1 over program 2 or 3 or 5 using your finger on a small screen)

  4. Numerical input for effect parameters

Great work so far…

Very good suggestions, I agree!


thanks for your ideas and suggestions!



How about allowing episodes of audio to be glued? I’m sure there’s a good reason that this isn’t possibly currently.


+1 on the project automatically loading on startup. I’d love if that didn’t happen

And again on the project loading thing…

Another couple for the list…

  1. Something that shows how much gain reduction the compressor is applying ( a numerical dB display would be fine if a graphical meter is a pain )
  2. The MIDI editor not resetting the piano roll when you reopen a clip

iPhone 6 support.

Step sequencer. This would make drum programming and synths much easier. Something like the ipolysix sequencer would be fantastic to work on.

  1. For Midi track, can we have a “ghost copy” or “create clone”?
    This is so that we only have to edit the “original” and the clones will follow.

  2. For Instruments/ MicroSonic/ Drum Kit, can we have a simple “combine-own-kit”?
    This is to allow you to select drums from different kits. This is also a simple way of offering more kits using the same sample waves.

  3. For Instruments/ MicroSonic, can we have a simple “edit instrument”?
    Currently, you have Attack & Release. I was thinking of adding Filter Cut-Off Freq and Filter Kybd Follow.



What surprises me is that there are some great apps out there for this and some great Drums synths as well but no one other than maybe Sonar, has thought to combine the obvious use of the two together.

Im sure at some point Addictive Drums or BFD or Superior, ect will come out with a built in Drum Sequencer then we wont have to rely on the DAW for this feature.

This is one of the most valuable tools for the Songwriter I have found to date in any DAW. I would love to see the full fledged version of Cubase include this but no love there either.

Good suggestions, all trumped for me by an option to return the playhead to its original position on stop. It’s so unbearably frustrating to me at the moment, the app just stays unused.