Suggestions for new copy & paste functions to speed up / ease workflow

Hello - unless I’m doing something wrong I’ve noticed that there are certain things you can’t copy and paste in Dorico. e.g. glissando, and graphic frames.

If this is the case, then I just wanted to ask how easy it would be to add these functions in the future, because there are lots of types of scores that need loads of glissandi (Xenakis of Hendrix) or graphics for multiphonic fingerings or other things, for example, and it slows down the workflow considerably when you have to manually draw in a new graphic frames, or type in gliss via the ornament popover, when such features occur frequently in the music e.g. on every note.

It’s a small thing but if it could be implemented in future version then I reckon, just based on my own experience so far, that it might save 10-30 minutes of daily work time on Dorcio that could be sent away from a screen, not to mention less physical strain :slight_smile:

Perhaps other people have thoughts on other things that would be useful to have useable as copy and paste functions - maybe people could post these below so we build up a list of suggestions. Just an idea!


I don’t disagree with your request per se, but…

Glissandi are now something for which you can add a direct key command. Go to Preferences > Key Commands and if you search for gliss you’ll get a function in the Note Input section.

Graphics Frames are (IMO) inferior to Custom Playing Techniques; Graphics Frames put page overrides on every page, don’t move with the music if the note spacing/casting off changes. Playing Techniques can be made out of anything, can be copied/pasted or quickly accessed via the popover (though you need a sensible naming system if you have lots of them), and are music-attached.

Graphics Frames are great for things like publisher logos that always need to appear in the same position, but honestly that’s all I use them for. You can copy a graphics frame the same way you can copy any other kind of frame: select the frame in its existing location (in Engrave > Frames mode), right-click the destination page in the right panel, then click Copy Selected Frames to Page. The Graphics Frame will appear in exactly the same position on the destination page.

Frames are page-linked and generally structural; it’s intentional that you can’t really interact with them in Write mode.

hmmm interesting Leo, thanks. I will definitely use the glissando shortcut right away.

And interesting about the graphic frames - I also find the page override thing a pain, so I’m up for alternatives, but to make a playing technique, wouldn’t I have to pre-define every possible, say, multiphonic fingering? I’d rather want to do them on the fly if possible without having to spend a minute creating something each time.

Maybe it’s a strength that once you have created say a library of 50 possible fingerings, you’re then sorted via the custom playing techniques route, but if I’m just screen grabbing fingerings from other scores or have to tweak fingerings all the time, then it’s a slightly more tedious /anti-creative process, idk, just thinking out loud - I like speed even if it’s the ‘wrong’ way, maybe this is a stockholm syndrome hangover from sibelius.

But more generally rather than having to assign key shortcuts it would be nice to be able and copy and paste all ornaments, especially if, say, you’re using two of the same ornament with different settings, and it saves you time manually tweaking each one each time, e.g. guitar ornaments or some glissandi you do or don’t want played back bc of a dodgy sample library.

As things stand, you have to switch away from Write mode in order to insert a new graphics frame (or copy an existing one), which is presumably frictious.

You can access the Playing Techniques Editor from Write mode, and while the first multiphonic PT may take you all of 30 seconds to build, subsequent ones should be quicker: duplicate the first PT, overtype the name and popover text, delete the existing glyph (or graphic), import in the new graphic.

Copying and pasting graphics frames within Write mode would be quicker, but a) that’s not how Graphics Frames currently work and b) you’d need to file a separate feature request for the way that duplicated Graphics Frames are automatically linked - I think you’ll find that (again, as things stand) if you copy and paste a graphics frame and replace the image in one, it’ll replace the image in both (all copied and pasted) frames.

As to copying and pasting glissandi, they’re note attached - you can copy and paste them, but it’s as a by-product of copying and pasting the notes to which they’re attached. Same goes for guitar ornaments (and articulations, for instance). I’ve certainly found myself in situations where it’s quickest to copy and paste a group of stuff then repitch (using L).

Just on the graphic frame question about replacing images - I seem to be able to use different images in frames that have been copied several times without them all updating to the same image, so far!

Yeah the glissando thing as copying a whole phrase works fine when you have very similar material but less so when you’re adding in glissando to something already written (I usually add it only after doing rhythm first then pitch). Again it’s more a flexibility question, but anyhow the keyboard shortcut has fixed that - thanks again.

Ah. Maybe I’m thinking of Graphic Frames that are defined on Master Pages.

Apart from graphic frames. I would love to be able to copy and paste (text) frames between master pages and then break the link. This would help create similar Master Page layouts for Score and Parts, for example even if location and size might have to be changed once the frame was copied (and unlinked).