Suggestions for next update:Batch use project preset

It would be useful to have an option in batch process, where the batch, when starting the rendering process, would automatically loads the “Plugins Preset” stored withing the project itself (Wave or Montage), and use them for rendering.
we face a situation a lot where we would store a batch to output the songs of the album, one by one, each with it’s own plugins, this would mean like 10 batches. and have a listen to the resulting audio, take some suggestions from the musicians, and re-tweak the plugins, redo all the batches, render again, have another listen, … and so on.

Batch programing for 10 or more songs would take quite sometime, and would include some mistakes, because when loading the master section preset in the batch, we may hit another preset without knowing that, nothing in the batch refer to the preset used, we only have the montage and the plugins.

If the option exists, we would only have one batch for all the album, not one for each song, and when the batch starts each song in the list, it will load the stored preset within this song and use it.

This would lead to more useful use for batch process,

I like this idea. This will come someday.

Nice idea, I work in the same way (one preset for each song), but … I have found out, that some PlugIns doesn’t store the Parameters right (or forget it), so I don’t trust such automatisms.

Can you please share with us the plugins that won’t keep settings?

One maincandidat for me … Wizzoverb2 show the wrong Preset after reload Masterpreset, I don’t know, if the parameters are right though. Despite from this, I like to render what I hear, not what I see or safe time :wink:

I just found out the hard way that another plugin does not keep the settings, SONNOX EQ,