Suggestions for super fast workflow

I think that Cubase has become an amazing daw over the years, however there are still details in the workflow that I think needs attention. I totally understand there is a constant need for innovation to attract new customers, but also I think stability, quicker workflow and reliability is what most professionals would benefit from the most in their every day work. A lot of these ideas have been pointed out in other posts on the forum, but I’ve tried to gather the ones I find most crucial in this post.

For quicker and more reliable workflow, here are some suggestions:

  • Post Record function (working the same way as pre-record). Working with punch in and out only pre-records before punching in. Let’s say your working on a vocal track and want to punch in a sentence. To be sure the tail of the vocal take is kept the only way I have found to do this is by setting the punch out point so it overlaps the next sentence. During playback this can be really distracting for the vocalist/musician (because the next sentence will be cut away abruptly).

A lot of vocalists wants the next take to happen in a split second and hear how it will sound with the sentence coming after it (now that’s impossible in some cases without duplicating the track etc.)

  • Being able to disable FX tracks. This would be great for keeping large mixing templates. This would make it even easier to produce, record and mix in the same template.

  • Being able to render FX-tracks in place.

  • Bring back more flexibility in the Channel Settings-window. A lot of users don’t need to see either the built in eq or channel strip.

  • Dragging tracks up and down could be faster. Suggestion: Let’s say you have marked ten tracks and want to move them to a different place in the project. What if you could just “copy tracks” and then paste them at a different place in the project? This way you could just scroll up super fast the normal way without having to drag the tracks around.

  • Being able to turn of loop/cycle after pressing record. Wonder how many takes over the years have been lost for forgetting to turn off “loop” after pressing record.

  • Batch export should represent the track order in the project. Also would be nice to batch export selected tracks in project. This would make what is now often a confusing and tedious process take one second. Presets for the Export Audio Mixdown would also be welcome (if it’s implemented already I haven’t found it; besides macros).