Suggestions for system track / Workflow

First of all - I’m very grateful for a good working software and for the developements in recent years .

Here are some suggestions for the system track which could make the workflow faster.


The selection process (clicking the little square in the corner) from my perspective is rather inconvenient. Having to use the mouse is always slower.

On I-Pad it is even worse! - If you want to select a longer stretch and have to zoom out it‘s barely unusable.

It would realy help to add a shortcut to select the notes within the selection?

(I was even thinking - is is necessary to add a step Pre-Select - and then really select? Maybe it would be an option to have everything selected right away. But maybe this is by design to avoid unwanted changes.)

However - adding shortcut would definately help! (Hopefully this would also make it possible to create macros which use the system track.)

I was very surprised that it is not possible to extend a system track selection with shift-right (left).

This would definately speed up things, Again - having to use the mouse is always slower.

Maybe also use Alt-Right to move the bar one bar further?

By the way - selecting a longer stretch on I pad is VERY inconvenient. It would really help to use SHIFT+CLICK in order to select a longer stretch on Ipad. Again - being able to extend the system track selection with shift-right would help on I-Pad even more…

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

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On a desktop you can set a shortcut to filter Notes and Chords. Is this what you mean?

It’s not currently possible to use modifier keys like this on the iPad, I’m afraid – that’s why the secondary toolbar on the iPad has buttons that do the equivalent job of Ctrl/Cmd and Shift when selecting.

Johannes, you don’t need to zoom out, please try this:

  1. start by selecting the start in the System track,
  2. then (no need to zoom out…) scroll to the desired end of your selection,
  3. only then activate the Extend Selection Button
    Extend Selection button
    in the secondary toolbar and
  4. select the end.

I tried this, but when I apply the filter, it filters out written chords but no chord symbols…

Yes, that’s true. But it it difficult to navigate in a longer piece. You also have to drag multiple times and while doing that it happens quiet often that you accidentally deselect the beginning of the selection.

It would be far more easy and consistent with the desktop version if you could use shift+click to select a longer stretch of music. This is also common in other apps (notion, google notes etc.) and - as far as I know - should technically not be very hard to accomplish…

Hello Lilli,

thanks for your response. Yes I know about this.

I also understand that not everyone uses a keyboard on the I-Pad.

That said - it would significally improve the workflow, if the function of the modifier keys would be included in upcoming versions of the Dorico on the I-Pad.


Yes - that is correct. It filters out notes and written chords. There is also another filter for Chord Symbols, you just need to make sure that they are in your selection.

Yes, I also know about that.

But - as far as I know - there is no “additive” filter for two filters.

Meaning: When I filter Notes first, I don’t have the chord sysmbols selected anymore. So I cannot apply the second filter.

So I didn’t find a way to filter both at the same time.

Johannes, how can this happen?
If you drag/scroll, the beginning of your selection will get “out of sight”.
So there is no way, it can get deselected by accident.
You have to follow the sequence (=don’t even look at that Extend Selection Button before having reached the end of your desired selection), and only then (3) activate the Extend Selection Button and (4) select the end.
It works 100% reliably.

Thanks for your response. I didn’t know that it is crucial to only to activate the “extend selection” button after you selected the first note.

I did it the other way around. This worked fine on the same page.
Actually Dorico deselects the first note every time when you drag with extend selection activatet… I don’t know if it is meant to be like this.

This helps a lot! - I would still be glad if the function keys which work fine on the desktop version would be available on the I-Pad too…