Suggestions for the Future

So, I finally purchased Dorico.
I hope that my suggestions will be heard, so I’ll keep them posted here.

1.) A very important feature in Sibelius for me is the copy layout function. This copies sytstem breaks, postion of rehearsal marks, etc from one player to other players.
It saves a lot of time and would be very useful.

2.)Will there be different kind of texts?
Sometimes text is needed for all the players ( like “repeat 3 times” ), sometimes only for single players. ( like “simile”

3.) I know that Segnos an Codas will come. It would be very usefull, to be able to change thier size, since a lot of people like large Segno signs.

4.) will there be Jazz fonts?

5.) I will wait for drum notation. One thing, that would be very useful, would be a simple way to create kicks over time.

6.) I very much like the input features of Dorico. Espially the chord mode, the grid and most of all the caret mode!
It would be very cool though, if the default value on input mode could be set to the used value, rather than beeing a qurter by default.

So, this is it for know.

Happy Holydays to all of you

Congratulations and thank you.

Yes, they will. The forum is a good place for that actually. I won’t be able to respond to most of them myself, but could you clarify point 6?

What do you regard as the ‘used’ value? If you double click an existing note or rest (or select, then enter), then note input will actually use the duration of that note if it is notatable by a single note value. This requires ‘select mode’ to be enabled though, so the arrow icon lower left to be enabled.


Here is an example: I put in lets say 4 eight notes. Then I escape the note input mode, because i want to correct something. Then I double click on the staff to continue my input. The value for that is always a quarter.
I think it would be very convenient, if the note value would be my last used value. In this case an eight.

The trouble with your idea, ingosand, is that in between leaving note input and re-entering note input you might have selected anything else, e.g. a note with a different duration, and indeed when you restart note input, if you double-click a note or a rest (not a bar rest, but a normal rest), then the note value chosen on the panel will reflect the current selection. So the number of situations in which things would operate exactly as you describe are relatively few and far between.