Suggestions for Windows 10

For those who use Windows 10, what shortcomings do you think Windows 10 has that you need to improve?

I haven’t seen many shortcomings yet. The thing is that there are some preferences that are good to change, and after an update it’s good to verify that they’re still set the way you want them.

  • Notifications is one item. If you leave them on and just leave them on default settings you might get a bunch of stuff you don’t care about and that can be distracting. But you can change the settings or turn it off (I believe).

  • Update settings; there’s the feature updates which I defer for 365 days, giving me a whole year before it gets pushed onto my machine. That way I never get a brand new update (that I haven’t verified is good) at the wrong time… then there’s the security update which I allow, because, well security and stuff…

And honestly that’s about it.

Been using windows 10 for a year and I can only says the lag when my windows is updating but it can be handle just need a few minutes and it will be back to normal, other than that nothing else, I like very much windows 10.

I’d rather ask you…What shortcomings do you encounter not using Windows 10?