Suggestions: Moving the playhead

A remark, not a question: in the manual it says

To move the playhead to the start of the earliest selected item, press Alt-P.

On my PC (Windows 10), Alt key is OS level, always the shortcut to the current app’s menu. So when I try to follow the quoted instruction in Dorico, all I get is the menu list, there being no menu item beginning with P.

Actually a bit frustrated with the transport. Be nice if its window docked somewhere, and would be nice if you could directly enter a measure number, or timestamp.

Another thing: transport panel to switch between or select a flow to play back.

Yes, I’m afraid Dorico’s shortcuts that conflict with the menu mnemonics don’t work on Windows. This is on our backlog to sort out. I"m sorry for the inconvenience.

OK I shall look forward :slight_smile:

Maybe on the measure tool at the top of the staff you could add a ‘play from here’ option to the right-click menu?

Oh, it’s possible to fix this? That would be most welcome!

Well, I guess once the Steinberg team have finished rewriting Catalina, they can move on to Windows 10 :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I assumed the fix would simply be to choose some default key commands that do work.

Is DoricOS on the roadmap before or after figured bass?