Suggestions needed for a 2 channel interface

We’re looking for an interface to record instruments into the iPad3 using Cubasis.
This is our first time using the iPad for audio recording (have used Cubase into a PC many years ago) and liked
the familiarity of the Cubasis layout. We don’t, however, know which of the Interfaces would work the best.
We’ve read about the Focusrite, Tascam, Roland and several others.
I’d like suggestions from someone who has hands on experience, not just what the manufacturers say.
Thanks for your help.

This is one of the “wish list” items I have. There are numerous interfaces out there but the one I find I like the most is the Alesis iO Dock because of it seemingly self contained portability. Although the Focusrite might appear to have a few better options over the Alesis. My goal is to minimize the tangle of connections by adding additional components and then the inputs to them. I Have come to believe though that product development is a little behind in this arena and once I make a decision, THAT’S when the next generation will show up.

My need to keep it self contained is so strong that it keeps me from moving forward with this purchase or I would have decided on the Focusrite a month ago.

Good luck with your decision

I’m using a Roland Duo-Capture EX 2 channel interface with my Ipad and really like it. You can even run it by batteries only for extra portability. You will need an iPad camera kit to attach it to the iPad.

I use the Akai EIE 16 bit (the pro version does not work with IOS device). 4 mix/guitar inputs, 4 audio outputs, 4 audio inserts, 2 vu meters, midi io, USB, plus 3 USB inputs. IOS/PC . Works standalone. Very clean sound.

We decided on the Roland Duo Capture EX …looking forward to getting it. Thanks for the suggestions

Got the Roland Duo Capture EX and when we hooked it into the iPad (new model) it says “cannot use device” “connected USB devise is not supported” “attached accessory uses too much power”.
Can you help? If this is the case I need to return this item.

Well, figured it out. Switch on back of device has to be set to “Tab” for tablet. Working fine now.