1. For the French version (and other languages ​​concerned): It is necessary to extend the use of the solfège option (for the name of the notes) to all the windows requiring a keyboard, like Variaudio and, in the main editor, to Edition on the spot. Do-re-mi … (instead of C-D-E …)
  2. To see the markers in the keyboard editor.
  3. Reduce the fat of the track names, which disturbs the overall perception. No need to put super Bold here. At least put the option.
  4. Expand the elevators. On a 4k screen, they are needles.
  5. Allow lighter colors for people who prefer day to night
  6. Allow scrolling tracks with the mouse in the Mixconsole.
  7. To be able to view other EQs than those of Steinberg in the Mixconsole. Pro tools allows it with Fabfilter and Sonnox.
  8. Allow a larger color scheme, with a permanent window if desired.
  9. Remove the light blue color from the inverted typography in the information bar and in the inspector. Go back to version 9.5 gray or put them white. We see nothing !
  10. Allow a return, even partial, to the interface of version 9.5.
  11. And of course allow 64 bit and fades in ARA2.