Just sTarted working with the iC Pro due to a very confined work space!

I can get a lot done that used other hardware before … But a few things are missing

1: ( suggested before ) a full screen mixer for iPad … that’s the main thing right now. Having all the channel buttons at once, and longer faders as an option would make a world of difference. Though leaving a bit of room for a couple of app controls would be thoughtful. In particular I can’t live without the toggle to ‘jump to start position on stop’ Maybe some room next to the transport controls?

2: An automation control window like in the CB app.

3 : A marker window like in the app … Or at least a way to delete markers in the iC Pro Marker Bar!

Otherwise it’s a very nice controller IMO

Oh … One more thing… Tap and name channels from iCPro ?


I thinks it a great app for what it does but I hope it will do more. It’s cute that the Command Keys open Cubase windows on the PC but that isn’t much of a “Remote Control” utility.
It would be AMAZING if those keys opened the same windows IN THE APP!
I would PAY for THAT version.