In my most recent writing gig, I ran into an issue that would be great for Dorico, and I understand maybe for much further down the road.

I am working with another arranger, and we talk daily about what was written, what needs changes, musical concepts regarding dynamics, etc.

I am writing my contribution in sections. And I am sending files (graphics) and sound files in e-mails and then we talk. I do not believe (at least not in Sibelius 7.1.3) that this idea exists. But it would be nice if I could export audio either for the whole piece, a particular section, bar 3-20, clarinet only, etc. It would help for collaborators to share excerpts of the music we are working on and not having to export the entire audio file.

Also, in that same vain… it would be nice to export a “focus on staves” PDF for a selected region as well. The piece I worked on was marching band score. I was working on a particular instrument cluster, that rested for the entire beginning of the piece. When I did the “focus on staves” to PDF it, i had a ton of wasted space on the score. It would have been nicer to export just C to E (middle section only - as that is what we were talking about only).

Just a thought!


P.S. - I saw the Youtube video… and I am SOLD!!! I will be buying this for sure!!! :smiley:

These are both good ideas. We were hoping to make it possible to filter out some bars of a flow in a music frame chain so that you can start at a particular point in the music at the start of a frame chain, but it turned out to have more complexity than we hoped and we had to defer that feature for a future version. It’s definitely in the plans. Being able to export audio for just a chunk of the score is also in the plans, perhaps by respecting the position of the locators used in Play mode, but is also possibly not going to be in the very first version.

Hi Robby - hopefully this will help in the interim while we’re all anxiously awaiting Dorico: The “Export Selection As Audio” plugin, written by Bob Zawalich which does exactly what you request above in Sibelius 6 and later:

I hope that helps!

Regarding your second suggestion about exporting a printed subset of bars and instruments for collaboration: I’m really excited to learn more about the flows feature Daniel describes — I had a situation recently with a chart that had a DS to Coda where the Coda itself was a jump across quite a number of pages - an impossible page turn.

In the old hand-copy days, one solution was to put the bars leading up to the DS on a half page for the first time through, and fill the empty space at the bottom of that same page with the Coda for the D.S. to avoid the impossible page turn.

Finale and Sibelius can’t handle this situation (at least not if you want the music to remain linear), but it sounds like Dorico will eventually have the ability to filter out some bars (of a flow in a music frame chain) so that you can display music from a particular point at the start of a frame chain “out of linear order”. Pretty cool.

@rpmseattle - Very helpful. I will look into that plugin.

Daniel, I am beyond excited for the release.



Bob Zawalich has also written a plugin called Export Selection as Score. You can then export the audio and PDF from the score it creates.