Suitable cpu, gpu & ram for cubase 12?

Hi, I’m looking to get cubase elements 12 on windows 11. I’ll be using groove agent 5 and The Grand 3. I’ll have a maximum of 4 audio vocal tracks, using cubases dynamics and room works for reverb fx. I don’t want to go over the top with specs when buying a pc. Any recommendations for cpu, gpu ram and ssd? Thanks.

I would recommend getting a pc built for audio. These have been tested and known to work. I see a huge amount of problems on here with off the shelf computers. In the UK SCAN are quite good but there are others.

Speed is not always a factor in problems. There are people with lightning fast PCs suffering pops and clicks as well as latency problems.

I second the suggestion to use an Audio PC maker if possible. I’ve used Scan here in the UK for my last two and have been very happy. The newest is a Ryzen 5900 based system but I think that would be overkill for what you’re aiming for.
FWIW my last Scan PC which was an Intel i7 and is now seven and a half years old would be able to handle your requirements more than adequately…that’s just to emphasize that you really don’t need a top spec machine, not to suggest you buy an old one! But IF you buy from a company that makes Audio PC’s it will optimised for such and probably serve you longer than one from a standard PC retailer…it’s worth it IMHO.


Totally agree.

+1 vote for Scan in the UK - I’m on my third PC from Scan - and they tend to last 7 or so years before the upgrade urge kicks in. I then pass them on to the family where they happily carry on using them!

I do exactly the same. My old (very old 12 years) is still being used with Cubase and sd3 by my son. I just got more memory and a faster cpu ( from a 920 to a 960) of the same era off eBay for about £50 which gave it a new lease of life.

The cost of getting these is not even that much more than buying the components and you get a guarantee. I have also used cclonline mainly because they are close to me so easy to drop in. SCAN do some good testing so you get components that actually work together.

Also a +1 for CCL - got loads of components from those guys over the years

Thanks for the advice. So would an 11th gen i5 and 16gb of ram be adequate for what I need? Also, are fanless systems any good? Thanks

If it’s for what you say you will be doing in your first post then yes that should be enough.

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you need at least ryzen 7, 16 GB RAM, SSD disk, gpu is not relevant.

Most ryzen CPUs do not have intergraded graphics. Only the “G” verity (5600G ie) So if you go ryzen, GPU is relevant. With Intel, most have intergraded GPU. Only the “F” chips have no GPU

So I have separated after years my Mac and jumped on a Windows computer to make the upgrades cheaper.
Currently with a I9 9900K 64GB DDR3 Ram on a gigabyte designare z390 everything ran smoothly until Cubase 12 came.
C12 has unfortunately also shown me and some plugin developers that it is probably time to upgrade or change to apple again where even if the M1 is very good unfortunately it is still very expensive for me.
Wanted to jump on the amd ryzen train but waiting for Ryzen 7000 that will arrive latter this the year.
Intel is unfortunately still with the motherboards too expansive and DDR5 is if you get it more a luxury thing,
So I’ll probably wait until the end of the year to decide whether I upgrade the computer then with a Ryzen or an Intel (plus motherboard RAM) or completely turn to Apple again with their then hopeful M2 chips.
But the most important thing is that Steinberg finally brings out a stable CP12 version.

Note: 9900K uses DDR4 Ram (I’m assumming that’s what you meant)

That processor coupled with 64gb RAM should run Cubase just fine. That said: Your Windows OS should be optimized so as to run it’s best when using your DAW. Along with not running anything
else that is resource intensive. Like antiirus or any other software that runs in the background. Also turn off your Wifi and network adapters. Only connect when you need to for downloads and updates etc.

yes, that´s right, G models do have integrated gpu, I have a ryzen G model and works perfectly with Cubase, DAWS are not gpu demanding.