Sul G or similar


It seems one can define the string on which a passage is played on stringed instruments (in properties window) but how can this be depicted/notated as well? Am i missing soething? I am talking about the “Sul G” “Sul III” etc notation

I guess there should be a way to both notate this and set the playback property by typing in popover?

Dorico does not yet notate these kinds of markings, but it’s something we may add in future. In the meantime, adding the marking via text or via a custom playing technique (if you require an extender line) is probably the best approach.

any progression on this feature? I have upgraded to 3.5 today.

No, there is no builtin or automatic feature for these kinds of string indications in Dorico 3.5.

I find the Information input into Sting option under Notes and Rests Property Tab is not visible to the composer or reader. Is there any special consideration for developing this feature? Does HSO use this information to generate proper sound sample basing on the choice of strings?

Dorico uses the string property in order to intelligently notate natural harmonics. That’s why it’s there.


No, but more comprehensive libraries will have samples of the same pitch note played on all the possible strings, and you can define playing techniques and expression maps for Sul G, etc to control this.

Would you please give me one instance of the library?

What is the most recommended full-functional or fully-compatible library for Dorico? other than HSO.

Baffled trying to get string harmonics to play back correctly using Dorico 3.5 and Noteperformer 3.3.1

Do I really need to go through all harmonics in any score I want to playback and adjust settings in the properties panel?
Even then, I’m not finding my way to do it correctly, like this simple cello harmonic, touching G3 on the D string, which should sound D5. I read about indicating the string under notes and rests, but it doesn’t offer the D string as a choice - only C and G strings. And anyway, it sounds G3, not D5.

I can enter D5 and declare it a natural harmonic, getting the circle, but of course I don’t want to show it there; I want to show the diamond on G3.
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 4.34.39 PM.png

Hi Dr. Dzubay (at least I assume you are likely Dr. Dzubay),

I am able to get your harmonic to play back correctly with the following settings:

Thanks! That is working. Not sure why D string wasn’t an available selection yesterday.

It would be great if this could be more automatically understood rather than having to program each one. Maybe eventually?

Also - I don’t seem to be able to program a natural harmonic touching M6 above open string (placing white diamond there), which is the same sound as M3, but often preferred by players.

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the sixth harmonic are not yet supported, I am afraid. I am also really hoping for them.

Would be nice to have a Sul G (and other strings) text layer with line properties build in :slight_smile:


I just came across the same issue. Has this been added as a feature in Dorico 4?

You should review the Dorico 4 Version History for features added.

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