Sul Pont...

Hello everybody. This is my first post here, owning D3 since 48 hours and I love it.

Really greta stuff , though a bit nonintuitive sometimes, but the videos help a lot… thanx for that.

But now there is sth that I can’t solve.
I wrote a 5 min piece for Viola solo and try to set up Sul post parts. But always when I select sulpont in the articulation menu afterwards there is just a small graphic icon displayed , but not the words “Sul point.”

How can I get to that result , which is familiar to me like with pizz etc

Thanx a lot for a hint and again, nice to be here :wink:)

cheers gogollny

Welcome to the forum, gogollny. Go to Engrave > Playing Techniques and find the sul pont. symbol. Change the text in the ‘Popover text’ to something other than “sul pont”, e.g. “not this”. The problem is that both the sul pont. text and the sul pont. symbol have the same popover text (which is my fault, and I apologise for that), so provided Dorico can know which one you want to be created when you type “sul pont” into the popover, all will be well.

Thanx a lot for your quick help,

worked perfectly. As I said, I really like the program, the only thing that I find a bit difficult is that the “Help” function ist not really working well. Almost everything that I type in there is not found … though, when I look at the videos , I choose the wright name etc. That would be great to have it better working in the future.

Thanx again!!