Summed input signal (routing issue)

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a small handful of external synths that I wish to link within cubase 10pro. My current setup is 4 synths all connected to a mixer and then the summed stereo output goes off to a 2i2 occupying both inputs available.

The above setup is hopefully temporary until I can afford/find a suitable interface with more inputs.

Things get me a little stumped once I’m in cubase. I can assign an external instrument so that it uses both input channels on the 2i2 and have it working fine. I just cant seem to find a way to have the sum of all ext instruments routed to the input channels within audio connections.

I also use bitwig which works fine for this where I can setup HW instruments and have them as a stereo mix.

I’m sure its something I’m not doing right within cubase so hopefully someone can help me.

Many thanks and Belated Happy New Year!


Hi and welcome,

You cannot route multiple External Instruments to one input.

Hi and Thanks for the response. Oh well. I will have to wait until I can get a bigger interface.

Ok, so I’m learning… I have managed to get this working by sending each external instrument to a group channel and then to stereo out.

I can now switch between instruments within cubase on the fly. Or play all instruments together triggered by midi data per track which was my main goal.