Summing multiple inputs to one channel!?

Hi Guys…
As a Cubase user for over 17 years, I’m truly stumped here… is there are way I can record multiple inputs on to one channel… for example input 1, 2 and 3 from my motu 2408 into a mono channel in Cubase. I know that I can export them to one channel post recording or group them into a mono group, but for work flow purposes and keeping track count down to a minimum I would like to know if this is possible.

You can send the channels to a group and then route that group to an audio track. You just need to enable monitoring on the tracks (and maybe on the group too but I’m on sure about that). Or you can create virtual busses by creating new outputs in the VST connections without assigning them to hardware outputs. That way you can freely route from audio track to audio track but loose your latency compensation.
Well, whatever works best for you …

you can do this with the use of MOTU´s Cue Mix (On-board mixing and routing PCI-424 / 2408)