Summing ops with Cubase 6 / RME Fireface 800

Hi All,

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while.

What’s the best way to do summing of mixes with Cubase 6 - my audio interface is the RME Fireface 800.

I was told to build busses in cubase and then use the total mixer for RME to do the routing.

Anyone have experiences with this? Would love to hear all options that have been tried.




For me is best way to use Cubase just for independent outputs, an for summing, use RME TotalMix, which is very flexible.


I’m struggling with this as well. I have an API 2500 and a UBK Clariphonic. It seems much easier (and intuitive) just to insert them on the Master Bus in Cubase and then assign that bus as an input and record the result on a Stereo channel. My studio is being renovated, and I just bought the 2500 and Clariphonic. So, I haven’t done it. I don’t know what the downside to doing this is, and would appreciate others chiming in. It seems to me an unnecessary step to go through TotalMix for routing, unless the Summing Engine is better

I can see no reason to sum using TotalMix.

I know some folks like to sum through an analogue mixer because they like the colouration it can give to the mix. The digital summing in the Cubendo audio engine is as near perfect as anyone would need in this life.

Also if you want to include some outboard in the master bus then setting up an External FX would seem to be the sensible thing to do!

Summing in the digital domain is a bit pointless, the whole debate about the benefits of summing concentrates on analogue summing which is why companies like Manley produce summing mixers at huge cost to buy. It debatable if it makes a difference, I think it does but not as much as running you’re finished 2 track though an analogue tape machine, and even then you might like the original better.

that’s right, but I need to know step by step what you did in Cubase and RME total mix to achieve it.



Create independent outputs in Cubase, route the individual signals from the Totalmix Playback channels to a Totalmix output channel, activate loopback on the output. record the loopbacked channel.

thanks for taking the time to elaborate.


There’s a full page dedicated to using Loopback mode in my RME manual. Important thing to note which I didn’t find in the book is that you have to have ASIO direct monitoring off in the TotalMix otherwise you can’t put the hardware output channels into loopback mode.

went a little nuts wondering why i couldn’t arm loopback mode on my totalmix outputs


Do you have to have Asio Direct Monitoring off in Cubase?

not sure what it was set to, i didn’t check the setting… will check and get back to you