Summing physical inputs to record on one track?

I’ve been using Cubase and Pro-Tools professionally for a long long time now but this one has always stumped me in Cubase. There’s got to be a way that I’m just not seeing.

So lets say I’ve got 3 mics on my guitar cab and I want to sum them going into my DAW. In pro-tools I set up 3 aux tracks with inputs from mic 1, 2, and 3. All 3 aux tracks have an output set to a buss - lets say Buss 1. Then I create an audio track and set the input of that audio track to buss 1 - and my 3 mics get summed into the audio track.

How can I do something similar in Cubase - most days I’m much happier composing and arranging in Cubase so I’m hoping there’s a relatively painless and elegant way to do this. I read about making a group channel but I can’t see how to set the group channel to monitor the different audio inputs or route it to a new audio track for that matter. Your expertise and help is appreciated!

I would do this as following :

  1. Create a group track to which all the needed audio tracks are routed to (in their track inspector Output Routing drop down list).
  2. Create an audio track with the group track created in 1 selected in its inspector Input Routing drop down list.
    You should get something like this (screenshot taken while recording an Epiphone casino with three sources : an SM57 for the cab, an AKG P120 for the acoustic side, an a DI input from the amp) :

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Ok - so did you start by creating 3 traditional audio tracks - one for each source - and then create a group channel from those selected audio tracks - then you create a separate audio track and set that audio tracks input to come from the group?

Then you just input monitor the 3 mic tracks while record enable the “summed” audio track?


I just created the Guitar_Sum track for the need of your inquiry, the others already being a part of my usual template project.


  • In the Audio Connections > Inputs Add Bus and set the Configuration to LRC.
  • Add the Bus.
  • Set the Device Ports to your inputs.
  • Add an Audio track with multi-channels (for example LRC) configuration.
  • Choose your LRC Bus as an input.