"Sunbakers" + VIDEO---The Pearldivers

A new song to celebrate my birthday this week. :wink: First composition in months, inspired
by a Max Dupain photograph I’ve loved since first seeing it many years ago. I went to a
major exhibition of his work around 1980 or so, and have a very beautiful book of all his
most famous shots. So I thank him for being my muse this time around.


I have made a little clip just for fun! Hope you enjoy it!

Sunbakers Video


Hi Jet,

I had a sneaky peak at this on Thursday night, excellent stuff!
Great song, lyrics, and mix.

Always great to hear the steel! :smiley:

Happy Birthday young man!
all the best

Sounds great Jet. Nice work!

Brilliant as always. Love the slide work. Thoughtful lyrics. Damn, this is fine stuff :sunglasses:


really dig how you setup that opening vocal. “Through the crystal-capped breakers we go” thats a great line in the song. the slide is not only a great lead but you use it well as orchestration to, nice fade off at the end.
I keep meaning to get into some slide work but still haven’t got there. is there a difference in sound and usability between glass and steel, which are you using

Beautiful Jet :sunglasses:

You have a definitive and singular style, and that’s hard to achieve, I think. One thing that concerns me a bit about this is it can lead to an overall sameness, lyrically and musically, and in the phrasing and voicings that you gravitate to. But I’ll let others reflect on that, since your distinctiveness is light-years ahead of others peoples’ variety or eclecticism… including my own :sunglasses:

Another nicely crafted track Jet! :sunglasses: Good lyrics (as usual!) - you have a way with words which I will always envy! Also, well performed, arranged and mixed. Nice! :smiley:

It’s an issue most of us face I think Doug? “Re-inventing” oneself or stepping outside musical comfort zones is not always so easy as I guess we often have a tendency to gravitate toward the things that are familiar - I know I usually do. But I do think there’s merit in challenging yourself now and then… playing and experimenting with different sounds/instruments, different time signatures, trying to sing with a different delivery style, and even working with tempos that are outside your ‘normal’ range etc etc. But then again - ‘teach an old dog, new tricks’?? Nah!! :laughing:

Nice work Jet! :sunglasses:

The sound is really good as always. Really do enjoy your stuff. Doug has a point though. Sounds a lot like several others of yours. Regardless, I loved it.

Thanks for the listens and the feedback.

Sav: the mix you heard was the “tracking mix”, not the final one…lots of changes.
Hope you’ve been back to re-check. Thanks!

Phil: glad you liked the track. Thank you. i always appreciate how speedy you are in having a listen.

Jas: thanks for checking it out and glad you think it sounded good.

bb: thanks for the comments. I only use metal slides on guitar, find the glass ones to “thin” in sound,
and I only use a big fat heavy bullet on lap steel…which is what you hear on this tune. I find metal gives
me the sound I want…but it’s all a personal thing.

Doug, Ian, 21st: thanks for your kind remarks about the recording and tune,
which I appreciate very much. You are generous reviewers.
As to the “sameyness” comments, don’t know how to respond.
I hadn’t ever thought I was in a comfort zone. I work my clacker off to do this.
Always feel like I’m sitting on a witch’s hat.

It’s an interesting one. I’ve attracted the “sameyness” comment from time to time and I certainly don’t believe it’s anything to do with the amount of effort one puts into the song. Given these comments about “samyness” I’m now thinking a little more about what gives impressions of ‘same’. It’s never one thing of course but it’s probably things I mentioned previously. I guess also first impressions are formed on first listens and I suspect people familiar with an artists past work will naturally relate what they hear in a new unfamiliar work to the more familiar aspects in previous material. I suppose this all collectively could be referred to as the artists particular (hopefully unique) ‘style’ - the way they play, sing, the way they tend to write, the sounds and grooves they generally tend to gravitate towards etc. - much of which likely happens unconciously??

I have a friend (you know who :wink: )who’s son is very successful in the ‘dub, D&b etc etc’ world - hugely popular on Youtube to the extent where he was eventually signed to Universal. Skimming through some of his tracks though the vast majority of his work definitely sounded very ‘samey’ to me…but he, and I guess his fans through familiarity, presumably make much finer distinctions and hear each track as being quite distinctive and unique.

I dunno really shrug - just rambling here a bit … interesting topic though.


Don’t worry about it Jet, I know what they mean, but you just have a very unique style, which I happen to like very much!
I don’t like the ‘sameyness’ of different acts copying each others’s style and sounds.

This is another beautiful song, I really enjoyed this. :sunglasses:

How’s things in Da Kong?



thanks for the further comments, appreciated.


thanks for the listen and feedback! You are a great supporter!

We are “Konging On” here. :wink:

I have added a little clip just for fun!

Sunbakers Video

Nice - really enjoyed that Jet! :slight_smile: Really like the montage of clips you used. :sunglasses:
By the way… your name came up in conversation during our Roundhead Studio session yesterday. Might have a wee job for ya if you’re keen… :wink:

Enjoyed the video. Cool studio. Thanks for showing it to us.

Nice video indeed, like the song as well! :smiley:

way cool! sure did enjoy it.
you are a true artist/musician





thanks for having a peek. My studio is compact, but efficient! I hope. :confused:

:sunglasses: :wink:

love the roast on the limiter :laughing:
being a newby to slides I took your advice and got a metal one, I have a brand new appreciation for people who can play with that thing on a finger, wow, this will be about as easy to learn as brain surgery, yikes :confused: