Sunbeam - new track - Desert collab with Early21/Hornforhire

A cubase collab thanks to the joining musicians for their contribution. Really nice to share creativity and musicianship this way.


great track, really chilled me out on my night shift :grinning:

Hi Peter, it was an honor to contribute to your track. My favorite parts are the parts where I’m not playing!

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Really cool. Title is really relevant. A full pleasure. Thank you guys!

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Hi Peter,

I enjoyed playing on this track and I really like the end result!


Beautiful stuff!

Wow. Absolutely beautiful. I was in suspense leading into the final segment. And then I was totally blown away!

@HornForHire, it’s great to hear your sax again! Incredible skills, my man.

@Early21, although your contribution might be viewed as minimal it is nevertheless extremely relevant to the composition. Well done.

I definitely enjoyed this one.


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Thanks for the compliment! :grinning:
Peter’s songs are always very inspiring.

That is sumptuous! Beautifully full but also light as a feather - fabulous. Lovely playing all round.


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Fantastic, super chilled, well done to all who played on this :slight_smile:

Super piece. And great Sax. Not often I listen to the end :slight_smile:

Very impressive all, who ever played what. Nicely done.