…work in progress. Let me know what you think. Thx ! :slight_smile:

Pretty good. I can imagine this on the radio. Well done :sunglasses:

Hey, thanks really !

Yes that’s good, I like it! What did you use for the bass?
Only nit for now would be maybe a lack of variation?

I used Spectrasonics Trillian for bass. I dont remember the name of the patch but i may find out

Varaiation … sure. I may try something :slight_smile:

Thx !


I also checked out the singer’s other work. Very nice voice.

Looks like the tune needs variation … oki :slight_smile: What kind of ? A chord change ? Anything else ?.. and where … i would like to hear your ideas … if i may ask :slight_smile:

Yes, Solveig Borgen (vocalist) is a pro singer. We used to play in a band together a couple of years ago

Thanks for the feedback so far ! I really appreciate that !

Yes I was thinking of some chord changes indeed, and maybe also in instrumentation. Synths are very powerful in that aspect :slight_smile:

Ok … maybe i have something already … From Am to A# and > F > A# > F > Dm > C - and then back to F

I probably have a melody as well, but i need to figure out how to do this … and where at least. Gonna take a couple of months i guess … :smiley:

We’ll wait. :laughing:

+1, I’ll probably still be around for another listen :slight_smile:

Most of the electronic music I’ve heard tends to be repetitive, and I actually thought this was less so than I’m used
to hearing - but I’m glad to hear that you’ll be varying the composition more.
Aside from that, I think it’s excellent. Very strong, rhythmically, and lots of nuance to the production which
you mix in skillfully.

I look forward to hearing the updated version. :slight_smile:


Hey Lenny ! Thank you so much really !! … that comment really warmed my heart - and keeps me going ! Thanks to all of you for commenting and taking time to listen to the song ! That is really much appreciated. I will post a new version here when it is ready