Hi everyone !

Here’s a tune i have been working on for quite some time. Couple of years maybe, on and off. Any comments, advices etc ? Let me know :slight_smile: Would really appreciate that !

Link :

320bit mp3

Thanks in advance !

Knut :slight_smile:

This sounds pretty awesome! I really like the bass line and how it works with the beat. It seems like sometimes during the “bigger” parts there could be some very light pads to smooth things out - just a humble suggestion. The only other thing I could see as being a problem is that there is hardly any chord variation. The whole song is Am, F or F/Am. Maybe once in awhile throw in a Dm, or at the end of a brige carry over with a C to a G(/Em) and back to the minor. Again this is all suggestion and I don’t know if that is the feel you are going for. Other than that - I enjoyed the high piano vibes and complimentary synths and how they all worked together…and wouldn’t mind remixing it sometime in the future :smiley:

Your stuff has a very prof sounding production and is very commercial and radio friendly…nice female vox on this track…get it finished, sounds like it will be a great number…Kevin

A big thanks to both of you ethansight and Kevin !!

Light pads is a good idea. Will definitely try that. Im not sure about the chord variations though. Already tried that, and made me quite frustrated, because for me it didn’t work (and that is one of the reasons i worked so long on this tune) I dunno why, and im not sure how to explain it… but …hmm …no. Something about the expression, the mood, or the whole sound … bla bla. Anyways, I think i will keep the chord progression quite simple :slight_smile:

Remix sometime in the future ? Sure, of course ! That would be my pleasure. We may keep in touch ethansight

Again, thx to both of you for the nice words ! :slight_smile:

mmm …yes, i get your point ethansight, about the chord progression. I tried, but i failed :slight_smile:

Beautiful mix between piano and synths and crystal clear, really like your sound. I thought it’s a bit repetitive and need a bridge part somewhere to make it more interesting. Other than that it’s really great and it’s got a lot of potential. Michael

Great sounds, and you get a lot out of basically two chords.

Thanks indeed Mfox and Early21 !

If im not wrong i think Beatles have a two chord song. From Rubber Soul album, or maybe Revolver ? Anyways … If Lennon/McCartney can, i can … without comparison though … hehe :wink: :wink:

Just joking. Really respect those guys :slight_smile:

Is that Madonna singing? This could easily be a hit for her :sunglasses:

yes, I really respect your compositional and mixing chops. I’m pretty sure I could not compose something like this. Can I come over to your house sometime and watch you create? I’ll bring the food and beer. I’m serious! :sunglasses:

Another thing:

With most of the tunes people post here, if I start to crank it, it starts to sound pretty bad. However, with your stuff, I can literally blast the f*ckin’ roof off the place and IT STILL SOUNDS GREAT! That to me is the mark of a true pro :sunglasses:

Thank you so much indeed twilightsong ! I dunno what to say actually :slight_smile: … looking for the right words. Can’t find them (also because English is not my motherlanguage … arrghh :slight_smile: ) but … your message really keeps me keeping on … ! indeed !

Sure you can come over to my place :slight_smile: If you bring the the food, i can bring the beer. Norwegian beer is not so bad :wink:

Again, thank you so much ! I’m really grateful ! :slight_smile:

best, Knut

Pretty cool song indeed. I like Ethan’s suggestion on a Remix, the track lends itself quite well for that.
Could be fun little remix contest, I’d be up for it if I can ever find the time to get back to producing again.
I’m a bit stuck at the moment between lots of work and recently purchasing a mixer that’s too big for my current setup, so I can’t really work with it until I build myself a new desk. I somehow can’t motivate myself to spend the bit of free time I have on producing with my old gear now that the new mixer is here :stuck_out_tongue:.

But that’s for my troubles, the song is great anyway, put it on soundcloud :wink:.

Very nice sounding tune indeed. I really like how the bass sits in your mix (which I feel is always the hardest thing to do). The top end sounds crystal clear too and you managed to bring it to a very good volume level without distorting it. You are definitely on the right path my friend.
Like other people mentioned, it could use a little variation on the arrangement, but as far as production you nailed it!

Great comment and I am coming with him, I can bring more beer :wink:

Hehe … :wink:

Sounds great indeed, you are both welcome to my place :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the nice feedback and comments from everyone ! Really !

Btw, im working on the tune right now. Trying (hard) some chord variations … argh … gives me headache :wink: Lets see then … cant promise anything

Knut :slight_smile:

This might be the last mix before pro mastering. Recorded the final vox last week :slight_smile:

Hmmm! Couldn’t get your remix to play. The link took me to the Soundcloud page but nothing happens.
Anyway, I heard the original mix and it sounds great! Very professional, great mix, nice instrumentation, good vocal melody with tricky effects and a sound with a hook.
I agree with comments on the repetition but to tell the truth, it may be hard to restructure the song without taking away it’s signature so my suggestion would be to simply make it shorter. I found myself looking at the elapsed time at around 2 1/2 minutes so if you started a slow fade at that point and cut at about 3 minutes, it would aleviate it of most of the repetition factor. This of course is just another idea considering you were having a hard time with chord deviations. :slight_smile:

Edit: I also just had an idea for a part that would break it up a bit without infringing on the song idea if you’re interested.

Good luck!


Thx indeed Suprawill1 !

And absolutely interested. Pm ? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. First of all, sorry about spamming my own topic …

I have finally finished this tune, pro mastered and everything. Mastering job done by Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)

You may grab it here :

So… i wonder if there’s still any interest on remixing this tune ? :slight_smile: I may export the different tracks and upload them to my website (or dropbox account).

I have also put together a temporary homemade music video (that version mastered by me, Lucey’s version far better i know :wink: )

Oki, let me know :slight_smile:

Greetings from Oslo / Norway
Knut :slight_smile:

I’m in, but you knew that :sunglasses: