Sunrise In Rio

Hey, been working with Cubase for quite some time. I just wanted to share one of my projects in the making.

Thanks for listening!

Enjoyed, the track tell us about production (key sounds, drms bass etc)
Nice playing

:smiley: Nice tune but it cut my ears off! There were a few percussive sounds including a tambourine (?) panned roughly at the same spot to the right that had some piercing overtones. Other than that it sound like a sunrise somewhere in Brazil or something like that! :sunglasses: Now, where is my umbrella drink? :laughing:

Hey Kenny, Thanks for the feedback! I used Yamaha Motif ES, Roland JV 2080, Halion Sonic, and Sylenth 1. For the mix down and tracking was done in Cubase 7 and final touches were done with T-Racks 3.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi HowlingUlf, I must say I’m no way even close to being a mixer sound tech. I wish I was, but I try to mix to get a decent sound. Hehehe Thanks for the critique ear, that’s what makes us better at our craft! :laughing:

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: