Sup? w/ the lil purple ? mark in d/log boxes?

Aloha Guys. No biggie but…

In many of C6’s d/log boxes like ‘Transpose Set-up’ and
‘Dissolve Part’ (and many more) there is a lil purple question mark
that gives you info about the current function you are using.

Seems they are not displaying the correct info.

For example:
In ‘Dissolve Part’ I get info about: “Import from Audio CD Dialog”
And in ‘Transpose Setup’ I get info about: ‘Resolve Missing Files Dialog’.
Nice info but not helpful at the time.

In C5 I would use this lil ‘help filette’ quite often,
but in my copy of C6 they do not correspond to the current function.

Anyone know of a way to fix this?


hmmm… they seem to be opening the correct documents here (Mac). Those Help files are part of the Cubase package contents (in the Resources subfolder).
I’m afraid I’ve no idea what could be causing them to be wrongly referenced for you.
If necessary, try the “sledgehammer” method of moving all Cubase Preferences folders out of your User Preferences folder, and let Cubase 6 rebuild them from scratch (but I’ve no idea if even doing that will cure the problem for you :wink: )

Merci vic

I’ll give it a try.