Super-Clips in Mono


something I would like to use more often is Super-Clips in the Audiomontage.

But there seems something strange with Mono-Files, which happens with new created Montages and my Presets.

When selecting the clips and render them on a Mono-Track, I receive an empty new clip with no audio.
When opening the Super-Clip I can see and hear the right audio.
Working with Stereo-Tracks everything seems to work as expected.

This is on a Mac Pro with 10.12.5 with Wavelab 9.1 - but remember this not working since some Versions.

Hope there is a solution.



You mean, if you create a super clip from mono clips?

Yes, I have several Mono-Clips on a Mono-Track.
I want to use the Super-Clip to combine them, in order to easily use a Clip-Effect on all of them.

Result is a new super-clip in the Track, which has the length of all clips combined. But no waveform visible, and no audio.
I tried all Options (with Fx / to external).

With stereo-Clips there is no problem.

I will check it.