Super fast loading with 7.5.10

I would just like to say thank you for the update and that the templates that i made in 7.5.0 that used to open very slow now open really really fast once they were re-saved to the 7.5.10 so thank you .

I just hope that the next update doesn’t undo the good work of you rectifying this problem .


That is only ever the case when the user does not fully refresh their project on subsequent (program) versions.

What do you mean by ‘‘fully refresh’’ ?

It is definitely faster opening, the caveat for myself is the crash on quit, but I can live with it, it does not affect me in any way. So far I think Cubase is sharpening itself up… the last coupla years I feel very ‘clean inside my body’ using it.

Fully refresh = creating a new project and importing all media anew.

(I have done this since when I purchased Cubase 4 and never had a problem with load times)

Never had to do this until 6.5 to 7 but after 7 all projects and templates have been opening very slow but now once you save the project or template in 7.5.10 they open fast so as i say i hope Steinberg do undo this move forward .

I have been using cubase since the Sx days on PC and from 88 on the Atari and never had this problem before .

It is not a problem that cannot be resolved, without re-creating a project and is therefore not an issue.

you don’t need to recreate a project ,just re-save it to the latest update .

That normally works in the current version but sometimes it is necessary to start a new project when going from an older version to a newer version of Cubase.

For you maybe ,not everyone :wink:

It is a preventative measure in most cases but doing so has allowed me to work bug free in subsequent Cubase versions.

Never had to do that… Projects are still loading fast. Or should I say at the same speed as the previous versions with no issues.

I think I may have mentioned, it is more of a pre-emptive step to avert the worst and potentially rules out problems, e.g. so-called “bugs”.

It’s like when SB releases a new update, if you have problems; unless you perform a cleanup, re-install, OS re-deployment you cannot rule in or out where or what a problem might entail.