Super latency problem with 7.5.30 on Mac

I am experiencing a weird bug since I updated to 7.5.30. I was fooling around with Electri6ity to see if maybe I could get some use out of it. After tweaking parameters a lot and playing to test the sound I closed the instrument window. I was having no problems before that but then I started getting very long delays between playing notes and hearing them. I mean 5, 10, or even 30 seconds. This was happening on all tracks not just the one with Electri6ity. This happened several times and I just chalked it up to Electri6ity. The only way I could get it to stop was by restarting Cubase. I would get a crash but I suppose it was the instance I was starting not the bad one I was quitting since Cubase did not start until I clicked it again but I did not think to test this while it was happening. However, it happened with Painoteq as well. I have not been able to make this happen by trying. I have played a lot and tweaked parameters a lot with the instrument window open but it never happens when I try to induce it. It did happen a number of times when I was actually using the program, though. Anybody had anything similar happen? It never happened before I installed 7.5.30 yesterday.

Ya I rolled back to 7.52, found on the Mac the new version is way too buggy.

This week I’ve been getting frequent spikes (like every couple of seconds, even locking the screen for a second at times) which I haven’t previously had and it turned out to be due to ASIO Guard. Turned this off and all went back to a smooth and settled performance. Perhaps try that.


I turned Asio Guard off long ago.

" I rolled back to 7.52"

That seems to be the thing to do. I checked and found that the two problems I would like to get fixed have not been. I have a project that crashes when I open it unless I open another project first. In fact, I have started to have that happen with another project now but so far if I save it after I get it open I can open it again directly for a while. I also have a mixer which I can’t use in the aggregate device because Cubase sets the interface to 8 bits when it is supposed to be 16. I believe if its a Mac only bug, it won’t get fixed.