Super Noob Save Question...where/how to save?

Ok so Ive been using Cubase since SX3 and have ALWAYS had this problem. My half-ass solutions have lead me to open a friends song only to have LOST all his audio files (somewhere on the hard drive, but not SYNCED to his project!!).

I don’t like where Cubase default saves, I guess thats the start of the problem. Do you guys have all these folders within one BIG Cubase folder, each folder being its own song? Thats how Ive wanted to set it up but its gotten so mixed up over the years. I feel like I got like 5 diff save folders on my computer and, when my friends audio files were obviously in a DIFFERENT folder amd wouldnt open with the .cpr, I figured that was the last straw and I gotta figure this out correctly.

Anyways, when I click “Save As” and go to a different location than the default, it only saves the .cpr file in the new location correct? How do I get it to just create a whole new project folder…creating an “Audio” folder as well as the .cpr? Then I would delete the old default save location/files etc.


Always Prepare Archive to gather all files referenced outside the project folder to it before Save Project To New Folder or Backup, depending on Cubase version.

Every project should have its own folder.

Hey thanks!

Im in C6…I dont see a Prepare Archive or Save Project to New Folder. I do see the Backup Project to New Folder. Is that the one??! :mrgreen:

Prepare Archive isn’t under the Media Tab? Yes, in C6 it’s Backup.

Hahaha wow got it! After all these years…now I can start dumping all my stuff into proper folders. Not sure how I skipped this little bit of info when I was first getting started…I guess I just thought I knew what I was doing, but was only doing it half right.