Super Slow Audio Export in Windows 10!


Since the WIndows 10 support announce I upgrade from Win 7 and now the Export Audio has become super slow.
In Win 7 I usually exported a track in 10 mins tops,now it takes 30…40 minutes to export a similar track!

Anybody having this issue too? Maybe I’m missing something here?

Any ideas?



Glad I’m not going mad! My computer seemed to enter Windows 10 last night by me trying to dismiss the upgrade window by accident. Oh the horror!

Anyway I immediately noticed very long file exports also! Something going on here

I have very long load times. My pc would boot in under 30 seconds every day and since my update last night and the few restarts shut downs I have done. it take anywhere from three to five minutes to boot.

Radeon Graphics are causing problems with slow booting…if you use one of these google for a fix.

If not I would start working through updating drivers. It may even just need some time and a few more restarts to settle.

Try setting your ASIO buffer to 4096 or higher before doing an export. If that doesn’t speed things up, then check every driver, there is not always a exclamation mark, but when you look at the driver it says something like “further actions has to be taken”. Then you have to manually download the driver and install it. If that doesn’t work I guess it is time for a fresh Win10 install.

It seems to be the Oxford Sony plug ins…I noticed a strange behavior in Wavelab until I re-installed them.
Didn’t have the time yet but as soon as check I’ll report back.


Yep now Cubase export as before.
The issue solved re-installing the Sonnox plugs.
I use the limiter in all my audio exports.


No such problem here.

Well… finally went back to Win 7.

Windows 10 Pro just was a nightmare for me,frequent BSOD,driver issues,plugs disappearing,Cubase and RME issues with spikes and ASIO problems and found that new defender and “driver sign stuff” pretty annoying.

Win 7 is rock solid for me,no problems at all with plugs and drivers and never ever a crash or BSOD.

I’ll postpone the WIn 10 update as long as I can.


The only Sonnox Plugin I’m frequently using is the Supresser. Will do an A/B test